Whether it is Buy, Sell or Rent; the Real Estate business is always full of life. Love is life because you choose to buy what you love.


Real Estate is an Asset, and it doesn’t depreciate in value like a car over a period of time, taking inflation and time value of money into consideration.  An Asset appreciates in capital value in the long run, and it cannot be judged with short-term fluctuation of the market sentiment and policies implemented especially when you are not a speculator. Policies are formulated to curb speculations and prevent sharp rise in property prices that we had experienced in recent years of “bull-run” that may lead to a potential property market “bubble”.


In Singapore, we have good measures and policies implemented to safeguard the interest of the citizens. In my opinion, these measures are not here to cause a property “bear-market”, because such would have rendered many home owners and investors “bankrupt”. Think again, there are more than 80% of the Singaporeans owning a property.


So what is the property market direction like? Singapore has always been compared with Hong Kong, simply because both are a small country with land scarce problem. Similarly, both countries are two of Asia’s leading economy despite its size and limited resources. But as everyone knows, Singapore property prices is still lagging behind that of Hong Kong. Thus, there is ample future growth potential for Singapore property market and with the projection of our population to reach 6.9m, it has certainly add to the prospect as a significant driving force for the property market.





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